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The dietary supplement shop

Supplements contribute to a healthy, balanced diet and prevent the symptoms of deficiencies. But supplements are not wonder pills that can cure cancer and replace medical treatment. The vitalundfitmit100 dietary supplement shop travels a (healthy) third path between the extreme position of absolute advocacy and the absolute rejection of dietary supplements.

Vitalundfitmit100 is the shop for natural dietary supplements. We supply adult consumers that are unable to follow the ideal balanced diet for various reasons. Without a healthy diet, personal wellbeing will suffer as all organs began to feel the impact of nutritional deficiencies. As we age, the effects of nutritional deficiencies become more and more serious. The best-known symptoms of deficiencies range from lethargy with weakness and fatigue to an increased risk of infection and even an increased risk of falls and fractures. The German authorities therefore always emphasize the importance of prevention and early recognition of deficiencies. A lack of vitamin B12 can develop quickly in young women, seniors and those living a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. But this deficiency is hard even for experts to identify. People with mental illnesses such as depression or anorexia, people with cancer, athletes and pregnant women are at risk of developing nutrient deficiencies.

We have a wide range for individual goals in our dietary supplement shop. There are various strategies depending on your needs and personal situation. In the shop, you’ll not only find nutritional supplements, but also superfoods, silicon minerals, dried fruits, beauty products and oils as well as books on these topics. Our shop only sells dietary supplements that are strictly controlled and sustainably produced. We do not used genetically modified ingredients, artificial flavorings or preservatives, derivatives or other toxic substances.

The vitalundfitmit100 supplement shop supports fair trade. Fair trade stands for the famers right to affect pricing. So we avoid price pressure and low wages, which often have a detrimental impact on quality. Our driving principle is to produce 100% pure nutritional supplements that we want to offer in our shop. Our orders are shipped using CO2-neutral DHL GoGreen.