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Superfoods: Nutrient-rich and tasty!

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the term "super food" has been used for such foods. Superfoods are very nutrient-rich natural products, such as the Acai berry, or Guarana powder.

For daily consumption, the powder form of superfoods is highly recommended. Plants can easily be integrated as a foods into the daily diet.

Experience with Superfood

Superfoods are low in calories. They are mainly organically grown and have a particularly satiating effect thanks to their many active ingredients. They also give food and drinks a delicate taste. Not only the exotic, but also many local products shine in the selection of particularly potent superfoods. There is something for everyone. We have tried to create a small overview.

Wide choice of superfoods

  •   Superfoods in powder form
  •   Superfoods from A-Z
  •   Raw food qualities
  •   High concentration of nutrients
  •   Without additives
  •   Made in Germany

Our top reasons for superfoods:

  1. They are delicious.
  2. They satiate and ensure nutritional variety.

However, not just the exotic, products, but also many domestic ones stand out in the selection of particularly potent superfoods. There’s something for everyone. We have endeavored to create a brief overview:

Superfoods, a small selection:
  • Chia seeds come from Mexico and Guatemala. Long ago, native Americans profited from the effect of these little seeds. Chia has an excellent swelling capacity.
  • acai powder comes from the Amazon rainforests. They are small, dark blue berries with spectacular characteristics.
  • Quinoa contains 15% protein and also comes from the American continent.
  • Turmeric is also known as Indian saffron.
  • Birch sugar is a natural sweetener and is one of the European superfoods. Birch sugar looks like sugar and tastes just as sweet. In baking recipes, for example, the exact same amount of birch sugar can be used instead of white sugar to achieve the same result. The main difference from white sugar is that birch sugar is good for your teeth. Another major difference is that birch sugar consumption hardly affects blood sugar levels, which is why birch sugar is so popular with diabetics.
  • Psyllium seeds are one of the main weapons in the superfood users’ arsenal.
  • Wheatgrasscomes from the botanical family of sweet grasses. Since ancient times, wheatgrass has been known by many indigenous peoples in Asia and Central America as a superfood and has been in constant use. Just four to ten days after germination, the young - gluten-free - stalks are harvested and usually immediately processed into superfood powder.