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sensibly combined: Our Combi-Set's

Our combi-Set´s sensibly combined!

Many food supplements can and should be combined with each other to get the most out of them. The right combination is crucial, because it can be assumed that many substances that arrive in the body at the same time will support each other and promote their effect.

A perfectly balanced combination of different food supplements can therefore generate many synergies.

We have put together some combi-Set´s for you that are really useful to give your body what it so urgently needs and what it misses all too often in today's normal diet.

Our combo-Set´s

  •   sensible combinations of different substances
  •   ideal interaction
  •   generate many synergies
  •   mutually support each other
  •   reinforce each other in their effect
  •   high and tested quality
  •   fair prices

Maca powder 100 g + L-Arginine Base powder 500 g
19,90 € *
33,17 € per 1 kg
Recommended retail price: 24,90 €
Vitamin D3 + Vitamin K2 drops 50 ml each
36,90 € *
36,90 € per 100 ml
Recommended retail price: 41,90 €