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Supply sources of mushrooms

Mushrooms originate to a large extent from Asia. Only trustworthy suppliers are considered as supply sources, since with cheap products there is always a danger of taking in, other substances with mushrooms, such as pesticides. The best choice are medicinal mushrooms from controlled organic cultivation.

Quality medicinal mushrooms

For further processing into powder, the cultivated mushrooms are gently dried. Our medicinal mushroom products are strictly tested and pass all necessary quality controls. We do not use genetically modified substances, artificial flavorings or preservatives, derivatives or other toxic substances. Our products are free of additives. We prefer, an article to be unavailable, than to compromise the quality.

Medicinal mushrooms

  •   dried at raw food temperature
  •   gently processed
  •   100% organic
  •   tested for harmful substances
  •   100% natural products
  •   optimal value for money