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The trace element iodine

Iodine is a naturally occurring, vitally important essential trace element. With an optimal iodine supply you can avoid iodine deficiency. It is indispensable for the body, because it's a component of thyroid hormones.

Our high-quality iodine products

At vitalundfitmit100 you will find, e.g. iodine capsules, Lugol iodine solutions with a concentration of 2% and 5% as well as other highest quality iodine-rich products, such as green algae (sea lettuce, sea spaghetti, dulse flakes, nori flakes and wakame flakes).

Quality products

  •   Original Lugol's iodine solution
  •   Absolutely pure, no residues
  •   Fresh merchandise
  •   Made in Germany
  •   Current cofactors on offer

Kelp powder 150g
11,95 € 10,15 € *
67,67 € per 1 kg
Iodine cofactors: XS pack
28,95 € *
Recommended retail price: 33,85 €
Iodine cofactors: S pack
59,30 € *
Recommended retail price: 69,80 €