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Insider tips at a glance

Our finely ground inorganic sulfur powder is pharmaceutically pure and our colloidal silver (silver water) is produced without the use of additives and has an Ag content of at least 99,99%.

In February 2018, our propolis tincture performed above average in a product comparison by the German Institute for Product Quality, coming out top of the comparison.

Top natural products

  •   Inorganic sulfur Ph. Eur. finely ground
  •   Highest quality propolis 40% tincture
  •   Silver water without the use of aggregates
  •   silver water with an Ag content of at least 99,99%
  •   100% natural products
  •   optimal value for money

Cat's Claw powder 300 g
14,95 € 12,71 € *
42,37 € per 1 kg