Highest quality nutritional supplement

A healthy and balanced diet prevents a lack of nutrients. However, if our body lacks certain nutrients, this can lead to deficiency symptoms.

As the ability to absorb sufficient vital substances decreases over time, especially with advancing age, those affected must increase their nutrient intake specifically through food supplements.

The vitalundfitmit100 range includes individual nutrients that you can choose individually and according to your needs. Our food supplements are GMO-free, without artificial flavourings and preservatives, without toxic additives and free of derivatives. In addition, they are produced sustainably and are continuously and strictly controlled.

Vegan quality amino acids

Aminosäuren perform important functions in the body, but the human body cannot produce all amino acids itself and cannot store any amino acids.

If one amino acid is missing in the body, the function of all proteins can be impaired. Accordingly, an amino acid deficiency can have long-term negative consequences for health.

Aminosäurs from vitalundfitmit100 are available in powder and capsule form in excellent vegan quality. They are gently processed, absolutely pure, without any additives and are continuously checked for purity and effectiveness.

Special features

  •   Large selection of NEM and amino acids
  •   Organic quality
  •   Vegan and GMO-free
  •   Free from chemical additives
  •   Without derivatives
  •   Gently and sustainably produced
  •   Available in powder or capsule form  
  •   Optimum price-performance ratio