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1 component Chlorine dioxide CDS/CDL

...1 component ready-to-use solution CDS. Ours is a genuine 0,3% solution, according to original formula.

  •   Genuine 0,3 % solution (3000 ppm)
  •   According to original formula
  •   Absolutely pure, no residues
  •   Fresh merchandise
  •   Made in Germany
  •   No further activation required, immediately ready for use

Chlorine dioxide

CDS (chlorine dioxide) is a highly effective disinfectant. Versatile and eco-friendly chlorine dioxide can be used in almost all areas. Whether it's water purification, surface disinfection, sanitation or container (plastic or glass) disinfection to name but a few. You'll also find low levels of CLO2 (chlorine dioxide) in our drinking water.

Properties of CLO2, chlorine dioxide

  •   High oxidation (many times higher than chlorine)
  •   Effective removal of biofilms
  •   Constant bactericidal effectiveness, regardless of pH and temperature
  •   Very effective against harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae and other pathogens with no build-up of resistance
  •   Effective within minutes
  •   Breaks down into oxygen, water and a small amount of salt
  •   Easy to use

Chlorine dioxides special effectiveness in water purification

Generally, the effectiveness of a disinfectant is measured using it's elimination rate of 1,000,000 germs. Many disinfectants guarantee 99,9%. germ elimination. This means that 1,000 germs are active after disinfection. Chlorine dioxide’s disinfection rate is 99.99999%.. That is one the main reasons why CLO2 is so valuable in water purification!

We offer you a ready-made 1-component solution known as chlorine dioxide CDS as well as the raw ingredients such as sodium chlorite and the special acids hydrochloric acid, citric acid and lactic acid. You can purchase them in a handy bundle or separately as bottles.